About Planning Area 3

  • Located in the South City deanery. There are 17 parishes (9 territorial and 8 personal), two chapels, and one oratory. Four elementary schools are in this planning area.
  • The racial/ethnic profile of this area reflects a growing Hispanic population (now 7%), a stable black population (34% - which includes African immigrants), a stable white population (49% - which includes Bosnians), and a growing Asian population
  • With the large number of personal parishes and chapels, a significant number of planning area parishioners live outside the planning area.
  • The Catholic schools in this area are diverse, drawing minority and non-Catholic students. The only planning area to increase enrollment during the past decade.
  • Mass attendance % of capacity was 18% pre-COVID and 14% in 2021, the lowest in the diocese, reflecting many large church buildings.
  • A 25% decline in Mass attendance during the past decade.
  • Currently there are 15 diocesan and 14 order priests assigned to this group.
  • Long term, there may be only 6 diocesan priests available for ministry to this planning area.


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Parish Workbooks

The Parish Workbooks give parishioners relevant demographic, ministerial, and financial data about the Archdiocese of St. Louis, their local planning area, and their specific parish. The data contained in the Parish Workbook was created by the Pastoral Planning Committee and validated by pastors and Key Parish Leaders over the past several months. The workbooks incorporate data gathered over the past twenty years from parishes across the Archdiocese of St. Louis and highlights historical trends which inform future projections for parish life. The Parish Workbooks will be updated soon to include 2022 Mass counts.

Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France

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St. John Nepomuk (St. Louis)

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St. John, Apostle and Evangelist (St. Louis)

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